We are the commercial part of AIR Sweden AB, an additive research
group based at Mid Sweden University i Östersund, Sweden.
Together we can design, process and manufacture anything you
can think of in metal and plastic.



By creating strong links between education, cutting edge research
and business, we can offer something others can’t
– talent, curiosity and a business mindset in razor sharp conjuction.



We want to change how manufacturing works. We believe we can create smarter, more sustainable products that will help people and provide a better quality of life.



Let’s start the 4th industrial revolution! With additive manufacturing, you can easily design, prototype, redesign and manufacture any industrial component under the sun. And it’s cheap, too.


Years of research have brought us to this moment – being able to offer custom made medical implants in titanium and plastic. Let’s take medical care to the next level.


Not sure how to start? Don’t worry – we’ll help you get started and to move quickly up the learning curve.

Our goal is to make the impossible possible. With 3D-printing, we have found a way to effortlessly create complex structures at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional manufacturing. And we are flexible when it comes to last-minute changes, small volumes and fast delivery.

Sounds too good to be true? Try us today!




So besides being smarter, more efficient, flexible and cheap – 3D printing environmentally friendly too. See, the materials we use can be used and reused without losing their properties. Any waste from the production goes right back in and comes out as new products.

But let’s not stop there. We strive to also recycle all heat waste, and are continually looking at new ways to minimize our carbon footprint.



The system uses the Electron Beam Melting ® (EBM®) technology and it is especially designed for small- and medium-sized components in need of fine details. This machine will be devoted to titanium alloys (Ti6Al4V) and applications in the medical and industrial markets.

The system uses a laser to consolidate plastic powder and it is especially designed for cost effective small-series production. This machine will be devoted to polyamide, a multi-purpose material for both functional parts and medical applications where there is a need of biocompatibility.


AIM Sweden was live.

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Impact journey goes AIM Sweden
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AIM Sweden shared crEATive pARTy in the Park's event.

Join "Kulturkalaset" if you are in Östersund - 17th of June! It will be awsome and next door to AIM Sweden!
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Kulturkalaset - crEATive Östersund

Jun 17, 6:00pm

Frösö Park

Succén Kulturkalaset crEATive Östersund - är tillbaka! Kvällsdelen av 24-timmars festivalen crEATive pARTy in the Park. 22 gästkockar från hela världen, mat på 6 stationer, live musik och performance med 50 artister. "SOM EN PINTXOS KVÄLL I SAN SEBASTIAN ELLER EN GATUFEST I NEW ORLEANS – FAST PÅ JÄMTSKA. " PROGRAM 18.00-19.00 Kvällen inleds med ett sprudlande mingelpartaj med plock signerat Martin Olofsson, restaurang KAVA på Quality Frösö Park Hotell 19.00-23.00 Som gäst lotsas du sedan runt av kreativa värdar till vädersäkrade miljöer på festivalområdet Frösö Park. Du får en massa goda smårätter på fyra olika POP-up krogar. • Pop-up at LAT 63 med Jazzköket/Saluhallen- Kristoffer Andersson & Co levererar smakupplevelser med Jemtehed & Brande. • Vinbaren Åre gör en friendly take-over med gästkockar på Frösö Handtryck, tryckande miljö med sköna toner. • Girls on fire & Boys on the rise - Flammans Skafferi & Lena Flaten med hemliga gäster i de stora tälten. • Arty Party med Bri Stundon och några av Londons just nu hetaste kockar – Marianna från Morito & Louisa från Moro. 23.00-02.00 Kaffe- och efterrättsfesten börjar i Midnattssolens sken på Quality Frösö Park Hotell i samarbete med Grädda och Sveriges godaste glass. På scenen kan du förvänta dig allt från rappare, DJ-kollektiv, livemusik och sväng-häng. Fördrink, Mat, musik, performance och DJ-fest - ALLT INGÅR i priset 650kr/person. Skynda boka dina biljetter på: - Begränsat antal platser! Säljes endast online. PROGRAM FÖR HELA FESTIVALEN & KARTA

Kulturkalaset - crEATive Östersund