The commercial arm of AIR Sweden AB, the additive research group
based at Mid Sweden University in Östersund, Sweden, feature a
unique competency in the design, processing and manufacturing
of components in metal and plastic using additive manufacturing.


The link between education, research & development
and manufacturing gives the group a unique edge in
the market. Direct access to talented and educated personell,
a continous flow of new products and a path to commercialization
sets AIM Sweden apart from other competitors.


Our vision and values center around green manufacturing, family values and the production of products using addditve manufacturing that will help society create a better quality of life.



AIM Sweden feature a unique competency in the design, processing and manufacturing of industrial components using additive manufacturing. Where conventional manufacturing methods fail additive manufacturing succeed.


As a result of many years of research within the field of additive manufacturing of medical implants, AIM Sweden, offer contract manufacturing of; 3D printed titanium implants and plastic models for pre-operative planning and education.


AIM Sweden offers its clients an opportunity to move down the learning curve of additive manufacturing quickly, by providing consulting for design, process and manufacturing.

We are AIM, a modern company using additive manufacturing (3D printing) to create products with complex structures. We make impossible things possible.

We offer our customers unprecedented flexibility in the design and manufacturing of components in polymers and metals using additive manufacturing technology for industry, biomedicine and medical technology application.

Where complexity is the norm, frequent design changes are common and speed and cost of design changes are important, AIM Sweden can assist.



Additive manufacturing is a key component in any company that strives to use “green technology”. Additive manufacturing technology builds the product in layers, reducing material waste and consumption.

The waste generated in the process is reused in manufacturing and does not loose any of its properties.

Aim Sweden strives to use clean and green technology in all its operations. Our manufacturing, as well as, our auxiliary equipmnent recycles all heat waste, reducing energy consumption and production cost.


The system uses the Electron Beam Melting ® (EBM®) technology and it is especially designed for small- and medium-sized components in need of fine details. This machine will be devoted to titanium alloys (Ti6Al4V) and applications in the medical and industrial markets.

The system uses a laser to consolidate plastic powder and it is especially designed for cost effective small-series production. This machine will be devoted to polyamide, a multi-purpose material for both functional parts and medical applications where there is a need of biocompatibility.


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AIM Sweden was live.

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AIM Sweden was live.

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Vernissage 25 mars kl 15.00, Hus U, Campus Östersund

Mar 15, 3:00pm


Vernissage 25 mars kl 15.00, Hus U, Campus Östersund