Design for 3D-printing, material selection and the 3D-printing manufacturing process itself involve a large number of challenges that need to be adressed in case you wish to employ 3D-printing as the manufacturing process of your product.

When you need to convert a product design into a 3D-printable one or want to explore the flexibility of the method and at the same time secure the cost effectiveness of the future serial manufacturing, contact us. We might be able to save you efforts, money and give you a direction for further work.

AIM possesses an extensive knowledge in the field of metal 3D-printing in terms of a large experience base supported by theoretical knowledge. We are not only using the commercially available softwares but we have also developed best practises in combining them to push the design tools to their limits.

In both medical and industrial applications we are able to work with surface definition in a novel way allowing us to create functional surfaces of your choice. And on top of that we manufacture them at our facilities as well.

We’ll help you to get started, we like to push you forward with 3D-printing and we love to manufacture your products. It is all for the benefit of 3D-printing.