Additive Manufacturing in Orthopedics

Orthopedic implants are some of the most mature applications for metal additive manufacturing in serial production. In 2006 the first orthopedic implant was CE-approved and released on the market. After this many other have followed. Today there are a multitude of different implants built with additive manufacturing on the market ranging from hip and knee implants, spinal implants to implants for extremities as well as scull reconstruction. Most implants manufactured with additive manufacturing are standard implants but there is also a growing segment for patient-specific (“custom”) implants.


Implants production at AIM Sweden

AIM Sweden is an ISO 13485-certified contract manufacturer specializing in electron beam melting (EBM). We have been contracted for serial manufacturing of certified orthopedic implants since 2019, and our volumes are growing. Our operation in orthopedics relies on three fundamental strengths:

  • Design for AM expertise allow us to contribute to successful implant designs, especially advanced modeling of net structures
  • EBM expertise allows us to define the best possible build strategies to ensure efficient and robust production
  • State of the art QMS (Quality Management System) to ensure best possible process control, traceability and high-quality implants.


SLS in PA2200 (Nylon), for cutting guides and medical models

Our production capacity for parts in PA2200 is commonly used for both surgical cutting guides and pre-surgical models. It is a great complement to our capacity on the metal side.